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Why Investors Are As Good As Their Investment

When people think of Warren Buffet, several words associated with money come to mind. To name a few, these include billionaire, rich, wealthy, and so forth. Therefore, Buffet is a keen investor. Throughout his life, Buffet has amassed a level of wealth unheard of to the average person. Meanwhile, Buffet made headlines when he agreed to give $1 million dollars to charity if he failed to gain stronger returns on his investments than a group of hedge fund managers. Due to Buffet’s acumen in investing, he did everything except fail.

For decades, Buffet’s tried and true approach continually has him accruing wealth. His investment abilities have proven how novice investors are, in spite of being in business for years. In all, Buffet’s investing strategy remains relatively unchanged. Shortly after reviewing companies and incorporating them into his portfolio, Buffet seizes the reward of a return. Fortunately, Warren does not conceal wisdom from his peers. Furthermore, he happily gives advice to upcoming investors. One prominent investor who has met with Warren Buffet numerous times is Tim Armour.

Tim Armour is a man with accreditation under his belt. He is an investor, Chairman of Capital Group, and much more. Since 1983, Armour has enjoyed high-ranking positions with the company. In 2015, He elected to be the Chairman of Capital Group. Furthermore, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Middlebury College in Economics. In all, Tim has over 30 years of experience in investing and a diverse portfolio. Furthermore, Tim Armor’s does business out of Los Angeles.