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Why Choose EOS Instead of Chapstick?

For the past 100 years, Chapstick has been the lip balm most people chose when they wanted to soothe and soften their lips. The limited choices in lip balms kept Chapstick on the top of the list, which isn’t surprising considering Blistex was the main competition.

Things changed in 2009, when EOS lip balm began marketing their brand, eventually landing a deal with Walgreens where fashion and beauty editors would discover the lip balm and cause frenzy. The brand was new and invigorating, offering a trendsetting design and appeal that targeted a new audience of users.

Today, EOS has worked its way up the ladder and is favored over the Chapstick brand. It took EOS only seven years to achieve this phenomenal feat. It is with little wonder that EOS was able to overcome the Chapstick name and become a leading lip balm contender.  Amazon consumers wanted a product that was fun to use, and Chapstick didn’t appease that need. EOS, on the other hand, provided the lip balm in an orb container that added life to the party. Flavor is important when using a lip balm. Chapstick had an original flavor that didn’t put many smiles on faces. EOS again came to the rescue, offering fun lip balm flavors.

You can trust the brand and their products to provide you with amazing lips and skin day after day. It isn’t just talk. The results are in, and people favor EOS lip balm over Chapstick. Isn’t it time that you got with the program, too?


One thought on “Why Choose EOS Instead of Chapstick?

  1. More people want organic, natural products and the EOS lip balms use only such ingredients. EOS is a trusted lip balm provider that strives for excellence in their Skin Care products. I also believe that can have something to offer to them too.

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