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The Manse on Marsh: A Perfect Home for the Seniors

Assisted living facilities provide special help for seniors not capable of leading their independent lives, or are facing certain challenges and therefore require some level of emotional or physical assistance. Assisted living facilities are much different from skilled nursing facilities. The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility based in San Luis Obispo, California. Some of the standard services provided in the facility include private rooms, access to medical assistance, security and supervision, transport to and from scheduled doctor’s appointments, fitness activities, and meticulous weekly housekeeping.

Hot beverages, fresh-baked items, and fresh fruits are available all day long in addition to the three delightful meals served every day by the catering team in the stylishly selected dining area. Other available services include restaurant-style dining, luxury living quarters, as well as loads of exciting activities. At the Manse, unlike other places, you only get to pay for what you need.

Offered Assisted Living Options

Respite Stay

The Manse on Marsh provides a safe, fun environment for people cleared to leave a rehabilitation or transitional facility but are not yet ready to go back to their normal daily routines. Clients get an opportunity to relax, have fun and socialize in a way that helps them go back to their normal life and take full control of their life. All the standard facility services are available for a respite stay; plus any other special requirements. The facility also provides vacation stays.

Independent Living

The facility offers a variety of lifestyle choices and options including adjacent cottages and houses for people who want them. However, the most common private accommodation requests come in the form of one-bedrooms and private studio, all with the needed care and services.

Assisted Living

The Manse on Marsh offers has a team of medical professionals and caregivers on a round-the-clock basis for residents who opt for the assisted living option. These services are in addition to the complimentary and standard services available in other options.

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