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The Lawyer Expertise of Jeremy Goldstein

People looking for lawyers in the New York area are in luck because it just got a whole lot easier? How so? Well it’s pretty simple and it already was simple. For 35 years the New York State Bar Association has operated a service that quickly and conveniently connects people in need of legal help to lawyers who practice in the legal needs the customers are looking for. At first this service was operated only from a telephone service which over the years has taken in a crazy amount of calls. But now, 35 years later, the New York State Bar Association has teamed up with to bring about the service via an online portal. All the inquirers must do is fill out a form that answers some questions regarding what legal help they might possibly need. After this the information is reviewed by the New York State Bar Association and is sent out to lawyers who are in the position to aid them in that legal area. Lawyers must of course be in good standing before they are allowed to serve and client. All lawyers are carefully reviewed by the New York State Bar Association.


The easy to use service helps lawyers to attain more business and it helps people to quickly resolve legal issues. Clients are not obligated to go on with any services if not interested after consultation. Referrals are also free.


Jeremy Goldstein is quite the lawyer. It has been reported that Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in some of the biggest company acquisition on record. His legal work in that ware has led an extensive amount of business to utilize his experience.


Jeremy Goldstein is the found of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. He holds degrees from Cornell, New York University and Chicago University. The degrees are a J.D., M.S., and B.A.


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