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Squaw Valley is Addressing Issues over Contaminated Water System

Squaw Valley issued a statement on Sunday at 8:07 PM on Wednesday, November 30th by Liesl Kenney, the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. Low levels of coliform bacteria, which is a common indicator of the sanitary quality of food and water, was found in three out of four wells in the mountains.

The resort has taken extra precautions in ensuring the safety and health of guests. Restaurants on the upper mountain are currently closed and skiers are not allowed to drink the water until the water quality issue has been resolved.

How did the water system become contaminated? In October, there was unusually heavy rainfall which affected the water systems in Placer County.

On a brighter note, no other water systems were affected and the contaminated water was never available to the public. The problem was discovered during a routine testing and when the issue was detected the Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted immediately. Squaw Valley has also taken the initiative to address the issue with leading water safety experts until the issue can be resolved. They are not returning to their regular water usage until Gold Coast and High Camp have been assured by experts and health officials that the water is safe again.

Squaw Valley has taken the safety of their customers into account as well in their decision and has taken extra steps to ensure they will not be affected by the contaminated water. They have given their guests at Gold Coast and High Camp normal and full access to their facilities and are providing bottled water for drinking for free. They are keeping guests updated on the progress being made with the water issue until the problem has ben fully resolved.

They also thanked the Placer County and Squaw Valley Public Service District for their immediate assistance and cooperation with the matter.



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  1. The combination of upgrading the system and the heavy rainfall resulted in the new system being contaminated. During the rainstorm, the water systems of Gold Coast and High Camp were being upgraded. It is so true that is gradually becoming a nice to announce so many of these things that have been strongly divisive in nature.

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