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Securus Technologies Changing How Officers Locate Contraband

One of the things me and my fellow officers are doing on a daily basis is trying to locate and remove contraband from inside the prison walls. Any time that the inmates can get their hands on things like drugs or weapons, they put the entire prison population at risk, and that includes officers, guests, staff, and other inmates. In order to locate the contraband and eliminate these threats, me and my team have to work hard utilizing as many resources as possible.


When the prison was approached by Securus Technologies to upgrade our dated jail phone system, we jumped at the chance. The phones the inmates use to make their calls is so old that we have to station an officer to listen to each call in case anything illegal is being discussed. Securus Technologies utilizes their LBS software that can scan the calls made by inmates on the prison phone and it will detect any conversations inmates make about drugs or contraband. The company already has the unit in several thousand jails already, and now we were going to join those ranks.


The changes that we have seen in this facility are like night and day now. No sooner was my team all on board about how the LBS software worked, we saw results right out of the gate. The system alerted my team that one inmate had been trying to ask his elderly mother to try and slip him her prescription drugs, we made sure those medications were removed before the two could meet. Another inmate spoke on the phone about how easy it was to use drugs after lights out, his cell was infected and all contraband removed that night.


Each alert we receive, we are now in the position to take action swiftly and make the jail safer for us all.