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Roberto Santiago Has Built A Mall With A Massive Movie Theater And Concert Hall Inside

Manaira Shopping is a mall that is perhaps one of the more expansive shopping centers to be constructed within the Brazilian country. It is situated in Joao Pessoa, owned by the prominent business professional Roberto Santiago. The plaza is outstanding for stocking international supplies, and has a global standing for providing exclusive and impressive opportunities for its patrons.

Many visitors assert that the shopping location is a strong focal point for entertainment. The mall was constructed and designed by the famous Roberto Santiago back in 1987 and the production was eventually concluded in 1989. They put forward an extensively wide selection of leisure opportunities for individuals on a quest to have fun by themselves, or with their friends and families. Patrons confess that the enjoyable and alluring opportunities that are on hand at the plaza are rare. Manaira Shopping puts forth a truly huge cinema area, an enormous amusement park, two-story renowned concert hall, electronic bowling alleys & more. Read more on

It features eleven rooms for taking pleasure in current movies. Each room is complete with the most recent visual and audio gear plus stadium seats. There are 3D rooms to experience 3D editions of movies, and VIP areas for more private exhibitions with friends or with family members. All of the theater areas have their own bar that is supplied with a variety of popcorn, candies and drinks for suiting all ages.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping center also promotes a colossal gym, staffed by experienced instructors. Patrons can also have an educational departure by entering one of the many instructional centers inside the shopping mall, provided by the local universities. The extremely modernized amusement park contains well over 200 games for patrons who want to escape from their day and play games. The shopping center has normal shopping merchandise also, for example many furniture stores, jewelry, clothing, and also books.

Roberto Santiago is very accomplished in Brazil. Roberto began with a cartonage enterprise, which provides packaging for many enterprises in Brazil, and went on to establish his own motor sports enterprise. He is a known fan of sports, especially motocross, for which Roberto earned a great many trophies across South America.
Roberto’s knowledge is chiefly in Business Administration, a degree he attained from time spent at Marist College, plus the University Center. This education greatly helped Roberto with the ability to thrive at numerous ventures. In fact, Manaira Shopping was created as a thriving enterprise when he was just 30. Now he is 58, and couldn’t be more happy. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

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