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Proficiency Rates Show Success Academy’s Results

The proof is in the proficiency for Success Academy. In New York City, the proficiency rate for math in school age children is around 35%. In comparison, the proficiency rate for students who attend Success Academy is just under 65%. This is a huge difference and something that has made it easy to see how Success Academy works for students. While there are many factors that are making Success Academy the optimal choice for students in the city, there are two main factors that have made it one of the best schools available. The teachers have smaller class sizes and the school puts an emphasis on the students. Each of these contribute to students being able to be more successful and also allows them the chance to make things better for the students. Even children who did horribly at traditional public schools are able to be very successful at Success Academy.


When a teacher has a smaller class size, he or she is able to focus more on each individual students. This is easy to do at Success Academy where the class sizes can be as little as half the size of a public school. Students are able to learn more when their teacher is able to focus on teaching a smaller class. The fact that teachers are trained to help students before they are put into classrooms is yet another aspect that helps the students to be more successful when they attend Success Academy for their education.


Students are the most important education but traditional public school districts often seem to forget that. They do not put an emphasis on the students and they are sometimes brushed to the side in favor of trying to get higher test scores. Success Academy is not interested in focusing on the tests. Perhaps, this is why they are able to score higher. Their emphasis is completely on the students. They know what the students want and what they need to be able to do so that students can be more successful. Students are taught with the goal of learning, not with the goal of taking tests.

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