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Overcoming Hidden Obstacles With Malini Saba

A leading Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Malini Saba has a strong reputation and track record in finance and capital investments. Having invested in Paypal Inc., as well as Netscreen, which was later acquired by Juniper Networks for roughly $4 billion.


Through her venture capital company, Saban, founded in 2001, Ms. Saba retains investments in oil and gas in China, real estate in Australia and India, and of course technology in Silicon Valley and other parts of the United States, as well as many other varied investments globally.


Principled Business Practices As A Core Value


Ms. Saba has extensive non-profit and philanthropic projects and commitments, and having founded Stree. Stree was founded with the mission of making global investments in women, specifically focusing on healthcare access, legal empowerment, and building bridges between grassroots movements and forums that affect public policy in regions and continents like Africa, Central and South America, India, and Eastern Europe.


Stree actively works with orphanages in Sri Lanka and Laos to support reliable, safe housing for those most in need. Stree’s record also includes formal human rights advocacy in the nations of India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.


Stree’s track record includes donations to victims of the Ecuador earthquake, over 1,000 for homeless people in New York City, and $5,000 in scholarships to school-aged girls in Ghana. [source]


Ms. Saba stepped up in a big way after the earthquake and tsunami in 2004 that devastated south and southeast Asia, pledging $10 million to help victims.


The first-of-its-kind Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California owes a huge debt of gratitude to Ms. Saba for a $1 million contribution to help get the hospital running. [source]


Humble Beginnings


Giving back is at the core of what Ms. Saba practices, having herself proudly started from scratch, born in Malaysia to Sri Lankan parents, Ms. Saba emigrated to the United States at age 19 with reportedly just $200 in her pocket. Working her way up and utilizing connections, she attended finance courses at Stanford, and gained valuable insights at various Stanford-related social events, fostering key mentorships in the Stanford community that helped her start her long track record of successful investments.


Ms. Saba has been through quite a bit to get to where she is today, and there are many hidden barriers to doing business in places like Asia for a woman.


Despite these obstacles to doing business, Malini Saba has persevered, and remains respected all over the world.


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