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Mike Baur: The Financial Genius Behind Swiss Startup Factory

Growing a startup from a mere idea to become a successful company is really hard. There are so many challenges involved. At this stage of your business life cycle, not so many people will be willing to invest in your business. And if you do get someone to invest, most don’t help with the management aspect. Most ambitious people tend to concentrate 99% on the passion side of the business and forget the business-side. If they have to get anywhere, they need someone to hold them down and guide them into achieving realistic goals. This is what Mike Baur does.


Mike Baur has over 2 decades of experience in the banking industry. His passion for finance and accounting started at an early age. He knew that when he joined college, this is the field he would pursue. So when he joined the Univerty of Rochester, he graduated with an MBA. He was again admitted to University of Bern and graduated with an Executive MBA. As you would expect, he got a job in the same industry. During his employment life, he boasts of having worked for successful companies including UBS and Clariden Leu.


He had been doing this for a number of years when he met Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, like-minded individuals, they decided to begin a startup factor. Swiss Startup Factory is the name that they gave to the company.


SSUF is the leading startup factory in Switzerland. This independent accelerator takes in young entrepreneurs who have great ideas and help them in every aspect so as to commercialize their ideas and turn them to successful businesses. The accelerator holds three months programs. They allow people from every region of Switzerland to apply. Those with the best ideas are picked. They are provided with offices and virtually everything that they need to have successful businesses. From marketing, training to financing.


Mike Baur’s role in the accelerator is very critical. He is in charge of fundraising. Using the contacts that he build during his tenure in the banking industry, he get investors to partners with the young investors. He sees to it that very startup gets the financial help they need.



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