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Madison Street Capital – Globally Leading Financial And Corporate Services Provider

Madison Street Capital has known globally for its full range of financial products and services that it offers to its diverse clientele. As a global investment banking and financial consultant, Madison Street Capital for many years, the firm has delivered excellent products and services for small, medium and corporate sized companies. ARES Security Corporation is one of its clients for which it recently acted as an exclusive financial advisor and managed its elaborate minority equity as well as subordinated debt investment.



It is a highly complicated and technical task that Madison Street Capital handled with perfection ensuring that all the related parties benefitted from the transaction. ARES Security Corporation operates globally and provides a broad range of security software and products that aim to make the enterprise software and system more secure, safe and functional. The minority capitalization for the management of the subordinated debt investment for ARES Security Corporation was handled by Corbel Structured Equity, because of its extensive experience and expertise in the field.



The announcement about the above deal was made by the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, recently. The Senior Managing Director Madison Street Capital, Reginald MCGaugh, headed the entire transaction and ensured that the process is streamlined and error-free. Ben Eazzeta, who serves as the ARES Security President and shareholder, said in the PR event that it was an honor to work with Madison Street Capital and praised the team at Madison Capital for handling the transaction efficiently and flawlessly. He mentioned that the process consisting of valuation analysis, due diligence, strategic planning, accounting and financial management and capital raising stage was handled brilliantly by Madison Street Capital.



ARES Security Corporation incorporated Corbel as well in the transaction that took place because it would help ARES increase its equity value significantly. Corbel as one of the leading financial management services would help ARES to take their business expansion momentum to another level and enhance their sales and revenue. Corbel would be helping ARES to take their business to another level by helping grip the security and technology services sector firmly and attract a lot of new clients, eventually helping with an increase in turnover.



Madison Street Capital is one of the leading corporate advisory, financial services, and investment banking enterprises in the world and has provided its services to many of the major national and international firms. Few of the services offered by Madison Street Capital includes restructuring and valuation analysis, Initial Public Offering, audit and accounting, financial services, and more. It has its headquarters in Chicago, with branch offices in many other countries, including in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.


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