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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Takes the Fashion Industry by Storm

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has cut a huge niche for itself in the e-commerce fashion market by growing a whopping 250 million dollar business in just under three years! Just what is Kate Hudson Fabletics? And how has she achieved this amazing feat? It is an aspect of a popular movement of fashion conscious people who prefer activewear or fashion brands that are convenient and aspirational to ordinary dressing.



Fabletics employs subscription methods to sell apparel to its clients. A combination of membership and convenience provides an irresistible drive to buy an item of clothing. Unlike fast selling brands of high value that have in the past been characterized by quality and price of goods, modern consumers use other parameters such as gamification, last-minute service, brand recognition and customer experience to determine what high-value brand means. This has been necessitated by a shift in economic factors that ensure competitive success in business.



Kate Hudson’s Fabletics simply uses brand subscription or membership to reach its customers. This form of customer targeting and market positioning makes it possible for the brand to open actual physical stores in almost every state in the US and even beyond! The secret to success here lies in a membership model whereby customers are offered personalized care and service on trendy fashion-wear at only half the price that the competition does. Knowing what people need and who they are makes selling spicy.



Fabletics uses three different methods that physical store don’t to approach its customers. The first of these is a process known as reverse showrooming where they build a personal relationship with the customers first before selling to them. This is different from the usual model in which customers browse for products offline but end up buying the items they need cheaply elsewhere. In other words, browsing is now a positive instead of a negative because people who enter a store are already members. Also, this process of subscription enables Fabletics to gauge and understand the local market beforehand.



A combination of a physical showroom and online data as a retail strategy gives Fabletics an edge over the completion because digital data provides a positive feedback about what prospective buyers will want to purchase. The brand journey of a customer begins from the computer right to the store because preference expressed digitally is matched by item provided. Fabletics combines trendy fashions globally with customer preference to sell. Lastly, the brand employs an understanding of different cultures, people and accessibility in order to sell and grow. This involves the interplay of consumer awareness, customer education and lifestyle to invade new territories or markets through the digital medium.



Fabletics has made an impact with many people across the globe especially those who love workouts and sports because of the interactive nature of the sales strategy. Customers are offered freebies alongside the purchases they make. This fitness clothing company operates on a monthly membership or subscription structure, and all members get what they what at fair discounts. Outfits and different wears are also curated for customers monthly. What most customers love about Fabletics are the trendy clothes on offer, the high quality of the fabrics and the great styles in which they come, and also, they love the quality of customer service they get.

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