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Dr. Jennifer Walden | How to Achieve a Work Life Balance

Few women are bold enough to venture into careers like medicine. And, the few that have the courage, rarely consider pursuing plastic surgery. This is because of the misconception that the field is against feminist virtues. What they fail to realize is just how impactful such careers have on the quality of life. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the bold supporters for women pursuing medical or business careers.


Dr. Walden is an established plastic surgeon based in Austin. She is rated among the top beauty surgeons in the USA. Her career began in Manhattan. After completing medical school, she was among the lucky two to be admitted at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Nose Hospital for a post-residency fellowship, which was led by Sherrell Aston.


Upon completion of her post-residency, she decided to stay in Manhattan. Along with Aston, also her mentor, they decided to begin a practice. She stayed there for about eight years, until she got pregnant with her twins. During this time, she acquired a loyal clientele, some being clients to Aston who had over 3 decades of experience and her clientele included international customers.


Walden, even with all her success, stays humble and leads not by being harsh but by collaborating with her employees. Although one would expect her to be condescending, giving her success and reputation, this is not a word that could be used to describe her. She appreciates everything that she has, especially, her two sons whose photos she readily shows to anyone.


When asked about how she manages to run a successful practice, with a waiting list that never ends, and raising her sons, she says that it is all courtesy of the strong support system. She commends her parents for being there to help her raise her children. Also, she maintains that nannies play a vital role in her work life balance.


For anyone who has a passion that they feel discouraged to pursue, take lessons from Dr. Walden’s life.

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  1. She was admitted to medical school on a waiting list but performed extemporary, proving to everyone that she more than deserved to be there. I have seen why superior papers do know that these things would come to pass.

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