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Doe Deere Uses Mornings for Contemplation

Most CEOs and business owners have their mornings stuffed with meetings, emails and other things that can be disruptive. Doe Deere knows that she cannot perform like that and she has chosen to keep her mornings to herself. Even if she has to work until six in the evening (or, sometimes, even later than that), she knows that having her time between 8:30 and noon is the best way for her to be able to try and make her business the best way possible. Doe Deere likes to spend her mornings contemplating her business plan, planning out what the day is going to look like and tapping into her creative energy so that she can add great new products to her lineup of makeup that she has. Her latest is going to be big for the company and will come in the form of many different shades of foundation.


Since Doe Deere knows what she needs for the mornings, she already usually has them planned out. She likes to wake up and drink water as soon as she gets out of bed. This helps her skin and her body to stay hydrated in the dry conditions of Los Angeles. Then, she tries to plan her day while thinking about the things that she can do with the business and the products that she is going to sell. After that, she stretches, has breakfast and then starts to get ready. All of this happens every morning and something that Doe Deere does not feel complete without doing.


While most beauty bloggers and other fashion executives try to spend as much time as possible on their face and look, Doe Deere does not need to try too hard. She likes to do things simple and her beauty routine never takes her more than an hour. If she is not motivated for the day, she can take as little as 15 minutes by just doing a quick makeup look and even quicker hair. She always washes her hair at night so that she doesn’t have to worry about doing that in the mornings too.


Doe Deere gives herself until noon to go into her office. Doing this gives her the entire morning and lets her truly get used to the day and what is going to happen with the day. It is also something that has made her feel more successful in her life. She likes to take her time and then go into work. She starts her day with lunch with her team and then begins her meetings and other things. Since she works between several different time zones, it is not uncommon for her to work late into the evening.


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