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Doe Deere The Founder of Lime Crime

Different people have different opinions about makeup. For those who support its use, many believe that makeup helps to hide one’s shortcomings. But then there the real enthusiasts who believe that makeup should be used to express oneself. Such is the kind of person that Doe Deere is use. She has commercialized her love for makeup and dedicated her money, time and effort to ensure that literally every makeup color is available in its brightest color and best quality.



Doe Deere is the successful genius behind Lime Crime. If you wear her makeup products, she is probably the reason why you feel so confident thought the day. She is a great believer in women and supports women entrepreneurs by enhancing how they look and also giving motivational tips in public events.



She started Lime Crime back in the year 2004. She was motivated by her friend, who had an EBay account, to open an account and sell her DIY products. She would sell anything from primers, brushes, glitters and even eye shadows. She held on to the account for a few years before launching it as a company in the year 2008.



Lime Crime is most famous for its lipsticks. The company produces lipsticks in colors that you would rarely get anywhere. The company became a big hit in the year 2012, especially when it released its velvetines edition. This liquid lipsticks, with a matte finish became an instant hit and soon every other lipstick company was copying the trend.



Lime Crime also became the first of its kind to exhibition their lipsticks on lips. They wanted their wearers to have a real picture of how they will look like. This concept has also been copied by other companies in order to help sell their various lipstick shades.



When Deere talked to Ideamensch, she told them that her days involved attending to a series of meetings in the morning. First with the President, then with the VP and other executives. She the uses her evenings to develop new products in the lab, alongside her chemist.



She also talked to Idemensch on what makes her business successful. She said that she doesn’t waste time before commercializing her ideas. This is even if she might need months to come up with a great idea. Also, the fact that she herself tries every new product, before release, this ensure that her customers will get the best.


Rad the interview at https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/.