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Doe Deere Follows Her Own Path To Success With Lime Crime

The Lime Crime founder Doe Deere has never been one to follow the traditional path in her own career or personal sense of style. The cosmetics industry entrepreneur believes there is a lot to be enjoyed in being an innovator who follows their own path and looks to change the way consumers source their products; Doe Deere was one of the first to jump on the Online sales path that many believe is the future of many different industries, including the cosmetics sector that has always struggled to come to terms with the use of Internet based sales.


In terms of the innovation many have seen in the Lime Crime brand the on lip swatch is the single item Doe Deere is most proud of as this single piece of technology allows a customer the chance to see lipstick on the lips. Finding ways of successfully marketing products Online has been an area Doe Deere is extremely proud of as she faced major obstacles at the launch of Lime Crime cosmetics in 2008 when leading experts decided it was impossible to sell cosmetics over the Internet; innovations have now extended to the Online presence of Lime Crime where the shopping experience has become a major part of the success the company continues to experience.


Deere has taken the expanding number of social media platforms available in the 21st century and now uses them to create a buzz about her products, and the lifestyle choices she now believes is important; often signing her own blogs and social media posts as the queen of the unicorns has created a brand of her own within that of Lime Crime. A range of posts are made through the Lime Crime accounts on social media that reflect the way Doe Deere lives her life and sees herself as a success in her own style. Social media is now the major advertising and marketing area for Lime Crime and allows customers to give instant feedback on new items and how they feel they will use them in the future.

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  1. Doe Deere has always placed herself at the center of her company and stands as the face of the brand whether it finds success or not. This is evidently the nicest thing for best essays to do and ensure it works very well for them all.

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