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Cotemar Is A Company That Serves The Mexican Oil Industry

Background Information On Cotemar

Cotemar is a Mexican industrial service company that is headquartered in the city of Ciudad del Carmen. It was established in 1979 to serve oil drilling companies such as PEMEX in their operations on the Gulf of Mexico. Cotemar is a large firm that employs over 5,000 people in various departments ranging from marine navigation, management, hospitality, transportation and business. The company has its own naval vessels, warehouses and headquarters located in the Mexican state of Campeche along the Gulf of Mexico at to provide quick and efficient service to offshore drilling operations.

Some Of The Services Provided By Cotemar To The Oil Industry

One of the services provided by Cotemar to the Mexican oil industry is the installation, maintenance and repair of oil rigs. Cotemar can both manufacture equipment and parts used in offshore drilling as well assemble them in place on the sea. Maintenance can be done on platforms that hold equipment and rigs as well as on processing centers that process oil.

Cotemar uses submersible vessels that have high capacity cranes to move equipment and supplies from platform to platform. The vessels themselves can be moved quickly to provide fast and efficient services on to all the platforms of an oil drilling mission. The submersible vessels also have work decks and storage areas. This allows equipment to be assembled before it is finally put in place. Storage areas allow materials that must be mixed or assembled at the final steps to be held securely out at sea.

Cotemar vessels and equipment can be operated remotely using mobile connection equipment. This also allows both Cotemar and its clients to capture vital data and better position equipment in place.

The Mission And Values Of The Cotemar Company

Cotemar is committed to complying with all environmental and safety regulations in operations and service to the oil industry. It also aims to complete every project on time and within the specified budget on The company aims to make each client as satisfied as possible so that they become a repeat customer of the firm. Cotemar also aims to help its clients become more profitable. This is achieved by creating a quality product and improving the efficiency of its clients by upgrading equipment and creating reliability in the oil drilling process.

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