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Cássio Audi – From Heavy Metal To The Business World

Cássio Audi started his career in music. He had his first taste of fame in the 80ies in Brazilian rock. Cássio was part of the original formation of Viper, a metal rock band. Viper was started in 1985 with two demos: Projeto SP Metal and The Killera Sword. The band was formed by André Matos (vocals), Pit Passarell (bass guitar), Yves Passarem (electric guitar), Felipe Machado (electric guitar) and Cassio Audi (drums).
Along with other band members, the drummer, Cássio Audi saw the band make it big with the album “Soldiers of Sunrise”, which is considered one of the best Brazilian heavy metal records.

In 1987, Viper took on a new member, Junior Andrade a keyboard player who influenced the band by making it more melodic. Most would say that this was when the band lost a bit of its heavy metal quality. It was in the same year when Cássio Audi moved on to a different career in the business world. Viper is still in playing with Pit Passarell (bass guitar, vocals and backing vocals), Felipe Machado (electric guitar), Leandro Caçoilo (vocals), Hugo Mariutti (electric guitar) and Guilherme Martins (drums) who replaced Cássio Audi.

Cássio Audi is currently a famous investment manager with considerable experience as the CEO and CFO of a number of Brazilian and multinational companies. His skills, experience and his achievement of earning a BA from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and MBA from Universidade de São Paulo and dedication and love for others that drove him to decide to become an investment manager. He finds satisfaction in assisting people and organizations invest with safety and helps them avoid falling into the trap of fraudulent schemes and losing their hard earned money.

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