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Brian Torchin Helps Health Care Professionals Find Jobs

Brian Torchin has dedicated his life to serving the medical community. He began his medical career by attending the University of Delaware and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. He then applied his knowledge by using his education in the chiropractic field of medicine. During his many years of chiropractic practice, Brian gained a great deal of experience in opening, staffing and managing medical offices.

Brian Torchin noticed that there was a unique problem when it came to looking for jobs in the health care industry. Many of the jobs available in the medical profession are not publicly advertised. A job seeker had to contact each individual health care provider to find out about job openings. This same system often made it difficult for employers to quickly find qualified candidates for a variety of health care positions.

Brian Torchin saw that there was an opportunity to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. He started HCRC Staffing to serve the medical community. HCRC Staffing provides a one-stop-shopping place for both employers and job seekers. HCRC serves medical professionals from every level of the profession. Clients can find jobs ranging from front desk receptionist, medical billing, nurses, dentists and doctors. They even have medical specialist job opportunities.

There are many advantages for job seekers to use HCRC Staffing. A job seeker can quickly gain access to thousands of job openings listed by hundreds of health care organizations from across the country. They can quickly find a job that matches their needs and qualifications.

Some of the advantages for employers using HCRC Staffing include the ability to interview pre-screened high-quality candidates with no upfront fees. A company only has to pay fees for the candidates that they hire. This saves a lot of time and money for an employer. HCRC Staffing offers fast response times.

Brian Torchin has succeeded in developing HCRC Staffing into a company that can help employers with every step involved in the hiring process. They have professional consultants available that can even assist employers with contract negotiations.

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  1. Brian has expanded HCRC Staffing to serve clients in Asia, Europe, Australia and Canada. They can start sending emails about qualified job candidates to an employer within 72 hours. This is so cool for review to get exactly what they need for them in the long run.

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