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Brian Bonar Has Found Entrepreneurial Success in Printing and Business

Brian Bonar’s career as an entrepreneur and businessman has been varied but through it all he has retained a commitment to helping his clients, employees, and project partners reach their goals and success.

Through it all, he has worked in site and building design, retail commercial contracts, aviation, multi-family housing and real estate, procurement and contract administration. He has also been involved in different education projects and the financial sector. Above all, he loves designing new processes to create whatever it is his clients are looking for. With such a broad wealth of experience behind him, he has been able to acquire and run several companies.

As the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar has been responsible for the creation of employee and employer benefits packages, aftermarket products and also a unique variety of employee programs that increase business efficiency.

He has over three decades of experience in professional management within the financial sector. Brian Bonar was even honored as the Cambridge Who’s Who in Finance, one of two men and two women to receive the annual award.

In addition to his work with the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar also is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Smart-Tek Automated Services and the President of the Allegiant Professional Business Service, and the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, which develops color management and digital imaging services for small to medium-sized businesses.

He is also working on the acquisition of Source One Group, which helps smaller businesses with payroll and human resources.

Brian Bonar earned a master’s degree in engineering from Stafford University and began his career at IBM as a procurement manager specializing in the motherboards that the company added to their computers.

Then he became the director of Engineering at QMS and oversaw a team of 100 engineers. From there, he became Vice Manager of Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corporation, and began the more business-oriented side of his career. Then he went into sales at Adaptec, and worked very closely with Japanese and Korean printer manufacturers.

In September 1994 he took his experience in the printing industry and started his first company, Bezier Systems. He used his previous knowledge and engineering skills and the company became the first to create an SCSI based printer. He continued to work closely in the printing industry both in his own company and for others until 2008, when, seeking a new challenge, became a business consultant to help other companies grow and manage their finances, human resources, and sales.

Through the many companies that Brian Bonar has founded or worked for, he has remained an expert in delivering quality customer satisfaction so that he and the company can reach their goals.