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Arthur Becker, Diverting Careers From Home Builder To Investing In Technology And Finance

Arthur Becker is a graduate of Ceramics and Photography from Bennington College. This peculiar major led him to start his career as a home builder. He was proficient as a home builder. He diverted his career because the field of finance and technology was profitable. He is an optimistic person. Becker’s worked extremely hard and gained expertise in the field when he shifted. Becker started working in managerial positions after some time where he headed different teams and accomplished different goals. His contribution to the industry was magnitudinous as he was among the best at his leadership position and commanded authority for his expertise. Becker earned his titles and was working with the best companies in the United States. He later invested as a home builder by designing some of the best buildings in great cities such as New York. Read more on Arthurbeckerstudio.

Arthur Becker was a man with a plan towards his development from the word go. He noticed that working in his field of study would take more time for him to become what he envisioned. Technology and finance were new in the market. This propelled him towards his career success. His plan rewarded his efforts. In an article on NYDailyNews, he was among the best provider of technologically related services. This made him stand a better chance at career advancement which made him invest in his home building interest. He has built many houses by partnering with different designs since then. Becker also managed to build a company.

According to, the career story of Arthur Becker shows that people are in a place to develop themselves beyond their plans as long as they have a practical plan towards career development. This indicates that we should go for opportunities that cultivate us and grow us to put us in a place of learning professional credibility for the purpose of achieving the different career goals that everyone has set for themselves during career development.

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  1. He is currently the chairman of his building company where he recently built a multimillion house in New York. This made him an authority in the business. That in particular is what has warranted on them which might not be crazy enough for all and sundry to understand and I know it means a lot too for the others in the sphere.

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