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A Trip to the Orange Coast College

A college is a place where many of us have relived thousands of memorable moments. In California, there are hundreds of classy colleges, but none is as spectacular as the Orange Coast College. Located in Costa Mesa, the facility lies on a 164-acre parcel of land. Since 1947, the institution has grown in both size and proportion.

Currently, it accommodates more than 25,000 students on a semester basis. For ages, the Orange Coast College has been highly receptive to change. Due to advancements in technology, the institution has been forced to adopt and adapt to these innovative advancements hence its success.

The Orange Coast College presently offers 135 academic and career programs, all that have been accredited by the relevant education bodies. Through time, the facility has been able to nurture and ensure the safe transition of its students to institutions of higher learning.

Apart from excelling in studies, the Orange Coast College has also had active engagements in sports encouraging both boys and girls alike to develop in an all round atmosphere. Some of the sports activities that are available in the college include basketball, cheerleading, cross country, golf, beach volleyball, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track & field, volleyball, water polo, and football. So far, the Orange Coast College has participated in various tournaments and to a large extent emerged the winner.

The most recent competition that the college had involvements in was in the 2017 American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship. Under the guidance of the men’s assistant coach Steve Morris, the Orange College rowing team was able to perform incredibly well during the competition. Steve has taught his team on the value of teamwork. Morris has been a rower for years and the sport in deeply embedded in his DNA. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

To this end, Steve has been able to nurture young talent at the college such that they have been able to win numerous titles over the years. In the sport’s sixty years history, the Orange Coast College has been able to capture 11 national titles successfully.

Steve has been working hand in hand with the head coach, Cameron Brown, another true believer of rowing. With a great team of coaches, the institution has been able to take 10 of its best athletes to world championships including the Olympics. Therefore, the Orange Coast College has been able to nurture both skill and talent thus producing qualified students that can directly penetrate the job market.

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